Environmental Testing


Environmental testing of the equipment’s and sub-units is broadly subjecting to different climatic conditions like High Temperature & High Humidity, Vibrations etc to examine the behavior of the products especially on durability.Classic  Testing Lab is now equipped to stimulate the recommended environmental conditions to verify the effects on products/instruments and components performance. Environmental conditions & Tests such as Dry Heat; Damp Heat; Cyclic Test; Composite Temperature/Humidity; Impact; Vibrations (Sinusoidal); Salt Mist; Dust; Corrosion; Low Air Pressure etc can be stimulated in the lab as per different Indian and International standards & requirements like IS, IEC etc. Presently Classic  testing lab is already conducting the environment test on the Electronics & Information Technology products and sub-assemblies for other related products as well that may also cover Mil category.

S.N Standard Number Name of Standard
1. IS 13947: 2004
IEC 60529: 2001
IS 12063: 2004
IEC 60947: 2007
Ingress of protection (Degrees)
2. IS 9000(part-3/sec. 1 to 5): 1977
IEC 60068- 2-2: 2007JSS 55555:2000,Procedure 4
Dry Heat Test(High temperature)
3. IS 9000(part-2/sec. 1 to 4): 1977

IEC 60068-2-1: 2007

JSS 55555:2000

Procedure 1 to 6

Cold Test(Low temperature)
4. IS 9000 (part- 4 : 2008
IEC 60068-2-78: 2001JSS 55555:2000
Damp Heat(Steady State) test and humidity test
5. IS 9000 (part- 5:1986
IEC 60068-2-30: 2005 
Damp heat Cyclic.